At District, all of our surfboards have the option to customize your order to fit your unique surf style. Choose from a variety of dimensions and materials to create your perfect board. We encourage you to contact Nate when placing an order to discuss your full range of options and your ideas for a board. We also encourage you to take advantage of custom artwork and color design. There are too many white surfboards in the world, let’s make em’ colorful!


custom board base price breakdown:

  • 6’8” and under start at $750

  • 6’9” to 7’9” start at $850

  • 7’10” plus start at $900

custom board options:

  • Dimensions: Pick Stock Dimensions or Choose Your Own
  • Tail: Squash Tail, Rounded Tail or Swallow Tail
  • Fin Set Up: Thruster, Twin, Quad, Single or 5 Fin
  • Fin Box type: Futures or FCS
  • Foam: EPS or PU
  • Glassing Schedule: 4 + 4/4 (standard / light), 4 + 4/6 (mid strength / medium weight), 6 + 4/6 (strong / heavy) or 6 + 6/6 (strongest / heaviest) 
  • Resin: Poly, Epoxy or Eco-Resin (epoxy)
  • Carbon Patches: Pick Location
  • Color: Custom Airbrush Art, Solid Color Panels, Rails or Resin Art (adding your own logo are all custom options) 
  • Eco-Build: Make your board an eco-board by choosing a sustainable build! All Eco-Boards are shaped with Marko Foam’s recycled EPS foam and glassed with low carbon footprint epoxy. We are registered with Sustainable Surf and the Eco-Board Project

District Shapes encourages you to fill out the form with inquiries about your custom board or general questions you might have. We look forward to working with you on a custom board, please contact us anytime.

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