About Nathaniel Horne

In 2014, Nathaniel Horne started District Surfboards on Nantucket Island, MA. District is a custom, hand shaped surfboard manufacturing business focused on creating quality surfboards and facilitating a personable, engaging relationship between shaper and surfer. Nate’s mission is to provide aesthetically beautiful and intriguing boards that are created for the customer’s specific surfing ability and design preference.          


Nate grew up in the District of Columbia and he learned to surf while visiting family on Cape Cod. Although surfing quickly became his number one obsession, Nate’s urban surroundings left him constantly dreaming of his next chance to ride waves. While dry docked, he developed a passion for skateboarding, heavy metal and graffiti art. If you walk into the shaping bay, you will mostly likely hear Black Sabbath or Iron Maiden playing.


In 2008, Nate moved to North Carolina to attend college in Asheville. Nate went on a number of surf and skate trips up and down the east coast, surfing in Florida, Maryland, New England, and one particularly magical trip chasing hurricane swell along the Outer Banks, NC. These trips instilled a love for the east coast in Nate and a pull to the tight knit, hard charging surf communities of New England. Nate was drawn to the tranquility of often empty winter line-ups, the challenges and rewards of east coast surfing and the natural beauty found along the New England coast. 


Nate has always been interested in surfboards and board design. As a kid, he spent hours re-painting old garage sale boards  and trying to salvage old, broken boards with patch kits. Deciding to try and create his own board for conditions he had seen specific to east coast surf breaks, Nate dove headfirst into shaping and was immediately hooked. In 2013, Nate moved to Nantucket where continues to live, year round, shaping boards, avoiding crowds in the summer and pulling on thick wetsuits in winter.


For more information on specific boards or to schedule a custom consultation on a build-your-own board,
please contact Nate anytime. He enjoys speaking directly with his clients and looks forward to hearing from you.